Donald Thomson, Founder and CEO

Donald ThomsonDuring the past 30 years Donald Thomson, the President and Founder of The Center for Regenerative Design and Collaboration, CRDC has been recognized as an innovator in many areas of the construction and development industry. His work and long term commitment to the field of corporate social responsibility and conservation have provided him beneficial working relationships with the Costa Rican Government as well as various multinational corporations. CRDC’s focus on providing access to affordable yet quality housing being coupled with a deep concern over beach litter provided the design basis for the patented AGUA “Bottle to Tile” Out Cycling project. As a result CRDC started the Ocean Symphony Volunteer Program, which focuses on beach cleanup, mangrove reforestation, and soon the construction of housing units using the AGUA bottle – tile process. All of the company’s efforts are intended to be regenerative in nature, whether that be in providing educational enrichment, the replanting of the mangrove, or the conversion of a growing plastic waste stream into a new supply stream of quality shelter.

Mike Urquhart, Managing Director of Industrial Relations

Mike worked for Husky Injection Molding Systems for 33 years. He started up their Hot Runner business, and went on to hold various positions including Vice President of Machine Operations, VP of Mold Operations, VP of Sales and Marketing and VP of Packaging. Mike retired from Husky in 2014 and is one of the most highly regarded consultants to the plastics industry, primarily helping companies market new technologies and assisting European operations in growing their business in the Americas. Mike has extensively worked with private equity firms to assess plastics businesses, valuations and operations.